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Bridging The Gap

When designers and contractors work together at the planning stage, exceptional buildings happen. Ones that incorporate the creativity and flair of the initial architectural vision yet are affordable and buildable.

That’s why we’re changing how contractors approach commercial and residential construction. We’re a commercial construction contractor committed to close partnerships with your design team from the outset, so that when you approve a final plan, you know it is the building you will get with no hidden costs and no last-minute alterations.

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Construction The Right Way

High-quality materials, cost-effective, innovative building techniques, and forward-thinking planning means your project is affordable, on budget, and completed on time. Our commitment to ‘doing it the right way’ is part of our DNA. That’s why our team thrives on precision, trust, open communication, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Building Excellence: High-Quality, Cost-Effective, and Timely Projects with Precision and Trust.
Empowering Your Vision: Transparent, Collaborative, On-Budget Building.

Keeping You in Control

Your dream building is a significant financial and emotional investment. So, our founding principle is one of open, transparent communication. We strive to ensure you get no surprises during your project, keeping you informed when changes arise, in the loop on budgets, and part of the decision-making process at all times. We want you to feel empowered and in control.

Communication goes further than open channels between our project manager and you. It starts with the planning of your project. Whoever your chosen architect or designer, we maintain a close partnership through the construction to ensure your dream home or commercial building is delivered as per your drawings and on budget.

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Talk With Our Team — No Strings Attached

Meet The Team

Josh Dragon, P.E.


Since the founding of East Wind Construction, Josh has contributed his time across EWC’s engineering, building design, and marketing initiatives. This has provided him with a holistic, deep-level understanding of the company’s operations, ultimately culminating in his stepping into his current leadership role as President.

Josh began his professional voyage at Jensen Precast, where he spearheaded initiatives ranging from product management to digital marketing, culminating in his role as Vice President of Engineering. His subsequent journey led him to executive roles in groundbreaking medical tech companies, where he was instrumental in overseeing complex R&D and manufacturing projects. His attention to detail ensured these projects were executed timely, aligning with both budgetary constraints and quality standards.

Throughout his career, Josh’s trajectory has always been about driving innovation at the intersection of design, engineering, and operations. His hands-on experience managing the construction of operational facilities ensures that EWC’s designs aren’t just visionary but rooted in practical construction realities.

Academically, Josh has always been on a quest for knowledge. A certified civil engineer, he expanded his horizons in 2016 by earning a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. This blend of technical and managerial prowess lends him the unique ability to view EWC’s construction projects from multiple vantage points.

Josh’s professional focus has always been to bridge the gap, ensuring products, whether concrete designs or diagnostic tools, are developed and delivered with excellence. It’s this deep well of multi-sector experience that Josh brings to East Wind Construction, ensuring every project not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

Greg Ullom

California Licensed General Contractor

With more than 23 years of construction and project management experience, Greg Ullom’s vision for East Wind Construction is to bridge the gap between elegant design and pragmatic construction. Bringing with him a well-rounded experience of over two decades, Greg’s footprint in the world of high-end custom home building and commercial construction is unmistakable.

Greg developed his professional skills working in the California Bay Area. He has worked for small and large contractors and even managed his own contracting business for several years. He has overseen jobs from architectural woodwork, remodels, residential additions, and all the way to managing the construction of multi-million-dollar luxury homes for Pacific Peninsula Group in Menlo Park, CA. As the complexity of the project increased, Greg ensured project integrity by collaborating closely with architects, engineers, and interior designers, affirming that each project’s unique vision was realized without compromising quality. These experiences have honed his skills in handling various facets of business operations, including bidding, billing, and construction scheduling.

At East Wind Construction, Greg once again exhibited his deep-level expertise in the construction field. At EWC, he manages all facets of ground-up construction, from new commercial projects and restaurant tenant improvements (TIs) to new residential construction and comprehensive remodels. Working directly with project architects, engineers, and interior designers, Greg ensured every structure built from EWC’s vision stood as a testament to industry-leading quality and construction innovation.

This extensive experience underlines Greg’s mission: to inject his insight from years of high-end custom home building and commercial construction into EWC’s growth. His State of California’s Contractor’s License and multi-decade career journey ensure that every EWC project meets the delicate balance of forward-thinking design and functional, quality-driven construction.

Joe Balkenbush, P.E.

Nevada Licensed General Contractor, Professional Engineer

Born from a unique fusion of engineering, law, and construction, Joe Balkenbush’s professional trajectory brings a unique edge to East Wind Construction’s corporate team. With a license in construction from the State of Nevada, a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of South Dakota School of Law, Joe’s comprehensive industry insights play a pivotal role in EWC’s operations.

Joe started his career working for a Civil Engineering design firm, providing the foundational experiences that taught him the intricacies of collaborating with land developers, and navigating the complexities of planning and design. Here, he not only refined his technical skills but also acquired a deep understanding of the administrative side of the construction industry.

After his tenure in engineering, Joe’s path into law began with Thorndal Armstrong, a well-established law firm. Here, Joe excelled in domains ranging from civil rights defense to insurance defense. Being immersed in the legal domain sharpened his analytical prowess, optimized his attention to detail, and developed him into an expert in crafting strong legal strategies. His role demanded acute precision, whether he was drafting complex legal documents or strategizing defenses in construction defect cases.

Joe came back to the construction trades in 2017 and was responsible for the new construction of diverse structures ranging from single-family homes to multifamily buildings. This experience solidified his ability to deliver functional, efficient structures that resonated with the design and structural requirements of clients.

Joining the EWC team in 2020, Joe’s dynamic professional background found a home. As a contractor, project manager, and design engineer, Joe ensures that every project he manages meets the delicate blend of design innovation, legal compliance, and construction excellence that defines the EWC brand.

With a Nevada Law License, Nevada Contractor’s License, and Nevada Professional Engineer certification, Joe’s multifaceted expertise aligns closely with EWC’s vision – comprehensive services that combine precision with quality. His diverse skillset ensures that every EWC project not only stands as a definition of quality craftsmanship, but also serves as a reflection of EWC’s commitment to “doing things the right way.”